• Advanced racing brake technology

    Endless replacement discs is a comprehensive range of products developed and manufactured with the highest possible material quality, we take pride in our replacement discs and they will deliver the best possible performance and lifespan. The new multi vane technology that we have incorporated in our performance discs allows them to run cooler, while makes the discs more stiff and rigid. With outstanding steel quality not only will these new discs run cooler, but they will also offer you an extreme long run time and excellent performance. All Endless discs are delivered pre heat treated.

  • Basic is not so basic

    Endless basic grade is a big step up from your OEM discs, they will last longer, give you higher performance and look cooler. Manufactured with precision Endless basic grade comes in three different variations, no slit, curved slit and E-slit.



    The E-slit disc has a nifty wear indicator built in the slit it self, when the curving slit is worn down, but the E-marks is still visible, then the disc is ready to be changed.
  • Performance when you need it

    While the basic range of replacement discs are a big step up from OEM, Endless performance discs are huge. The quality and performance are directly collected from our racing department, with Endless performance discs you will get a real racing disc in your street car. The benefits are many, curb weight, balance, initial bite, cooling, life span and so on, and what really stands out when you replace your OEM disc with one of our performance discs is the beautiful look of the disc, it will give your car a new shine.



  • Color it up

    Endless bell housing material is a rigid, lightweight, high-strength aluminium alloy metal capable of withstanding high temperatures. It also decreases unsprung weight, which contributes to stable braking. They can be ordered in 6 different colours apart from the standard blue anodise colour.

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