Ceramic disc compounds

Ceramic disc compounds


CCD-Series comes in three different compounds CCD Race, CCD Attack and CCD Pace.

The characteristics of the CCD compounds is a high heat resistant compound which can stand up to 800°C. They don't give any deposit on the brake discs, even at very high temperatures such as 500°C and up. The CCD compound can run at very high and consistent heat, and still deliver the best brake performance. They have a excellent initial bite combined with braking power and is responsive in the modulation/feel for the driver. The pad is highly durable with a very low wear rate. The CCD compound is shown to work well with both ABS and ESP systems as the initial bite is precise with a very fast but gentle response. This gives the ABS system stability in its operation and in so doing, prevents excessive heat build up in the discs. This results in a more controlled temperature and prevents harmful effects on the silitium surface of the disc.

CCD Attack

Street & Track compound

CCD Pace

Street only compound

CCD Race

Racing compound