On Saturday morning at 11:00 local time, started a new era for the World Endurance Championship (WEC) with nine of the most prestigious manufacturers for the new GT Racing Category, and many of them race with ENDLESS brake pads in their calipers: Manthey PureRxcing, Lambotghini Iron Lynx, Iron Dames, D´Station Racing, Heart of Racing Team, Team WRT…  It begun with a ten-hour race at the Lusail International Circuit, and all the Bronze drivers put in strong performance right from the start.

The Manthey cars leaded the race almost from the beginning, first the number 91, with Shahin in the wheel, and later number 92, with Malykhin having the control of the Porsche GT3. Bachler, Malykhin and Sturm had to relinquish the lead midway through the race, but kept the #92 car within striking distance at all times. Thanks to a flawless performance by the driver trio and the pit crew, the Manthey PureRxcing Porsche regained the lead three and a half hours before the end of the race and held on until the chequered flag. After 299 race laps, final driver Klaus Bachler crossed the line first in the LMGT3 class.

But they weren´t all the good news. The podium was completed with the two Aston Martin cars. Both Vantages made a great performance, keeping the thrilling along all the race, but once the finish flag fell Heart of Racing´s car, driven by James, Mancinelly and Ribera, took the second step on the box, followed by the number 777, D´Station Racing Car (Mateu, Bastard, Jorensen, Hoshino).

Now we can only wait for the next event. After the first race, is going to be hard waiting to next 21st April and see what happens this time.