We are the Endless brand sales and technical centre for the European market and handles all sales and technical support, including dealers and customer teams regardless if it is for Formula One or street cars. Endless Brake Technology Europe are also responsible for product development and product adaptation for the European market and has a direct technical and support cooperation with Endless Advance Co. Ltd. in Japan.

We are also responsible for dealer development and product line-up adaption and we have a direct technical and support cooperation with the factory in Japan. The company started in 1999 to promote Endless high performance competition brake products in the European markets. The first achievement was in rallying where several major private teams found Endless brake pads to be what they where looking for in terms of performance without sacrificing the endurance. WRC also followed with Mitsubishi being the first factory rally team to select Endless as a partner. After the initial success the Endless brand and dealer network has steadily grown in Europe as the choice for uncompromising brake products with continuous development towards excellence.

We have an excellent storage logistic and we cover 90% of all demands on the European market. Products that we have in stock can be ordered before 14.00 GMT + 1 and be delivered the day after to almost any location in Europe.

Endless Brake Technology Europe is based outside Västerås in Sweden.


In 1986, Isao Hanazato founded Endless Advance Co. Ltd.to develop brake pads based on his own racing experiences. He had found that the racing pads available in many cases had insufficient performance and suffered from many compromises hampering the serious racer.

Endless’ goal in development is to create a well balanced braking system with excellent performance in its entirety. As a result of this they started in the beginning of the 90´s to develop brake discs and also brake fluid exceeding all DOT specifications. The latter years has also seen the introduction of their own 4- and 6-piston calipers which has proved themselves in the Japanese GT series.

All development and manufacturing is made in-house to keep full control of the end quality of the product.

Corporate address

Endless Brake Technology Europe AB
Hogalid, Orresta
725 96 Vasteras


Phone: +46 171 443488

Mail: info@endless-brake.info